1 Seasons Feb 2021

Memoir is Jase Harley's vlog, featuring travel footage taken after he released FREE PXRN in 2016. From his first show in Brooklyn to his first trip to Los Angeles, it’s a glimpse into Jase's life beyond the music.

American Heathen: Video Collection

1 Seasons Jul 2021

Music video series of short vignettes produced by Jase Harley Media. Contributors include Ryan Metcalf, Lex Macon, Dream But Don't Sleep, Anthony Willis, and Paulo Salud Photography.


TV-14 10min

Friday Night Feature is Jase Harley's visual collage of independent psychotronic cinema and arthouse music videos. Tonight's feature videos are "Mischief Night", "Runaway", "Moments", directed by Lex Macon and edited by Jase Harley. Also, the debut of Eddie Grand's "Slay" directed by Ryan Metcalf. All the music was executive produced by Jase Harley.

Fresh Fuzion TV

1 Seasons Jan 2024

Fresh Fuzion TV was my first collaborative media project, encapsulating the feeling of that period, with creators coming together to showcase the underground culture of art, music, and fashion of that time. All of this content was produced solely on my own, and most was shot and edited by me between 2011 and 2015, featuring […]

Standing Eight

Short, Drama 26 mins

Weeks before the fight of his life, light heavyweight boxer Dusty Abrams’ world comes crashing down after being diagnosed with Lupus and ultimately retiring from professional boxing. When Dusty finally accepts his condition, his former opponent, Quinn Durbin begins trolling him relentlessly. Dusty is then forced to choose between his health and his pride.